How Good Would It Feel To Know That You Already Have What It Takes To Overcome The Challenges You Face?"Your WARRIOR Spirit is still Your Greatest Asset!"

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How You Might Be Feeling Now-

These statements are from real people who have expressed their deepest pains

Hidden Pain

How You Will Feel After-

These Are What Clients & Others Have To Say After Using The Resoruces In The "Tactical Toolbox"

The Anntadote

Frequently Asked questions

Absolutely, we developed the course to support busy people! For instance, the course includes summaries of key concepts and a series of very short videos, typically less than 5 mins each. We recommend buying the books with the course because this will result in a substantial savings on the cost of the course. If you have the books, you can use them as a reference for anything that you want to dive into more deeply. But you are welcome to buy just the course if you prefer for the higher price, and you can buy the books later if you’d like.

There is NO time limit. Once you purchase access to the course, you can take your time and complete the course at your own pace. There are no assignments or grades – think of this like “auditing” a course – you get the strategies and solutions at your own pace – without the burden of required assignments or tests.


We’re open to considering this! A “bulk” order usually refers to an order of 100 or more access passes. If this applies to you, please get in touch through our contact form – located at the bottom of each page on our website.

Yes! We both strongly believe in the value of therapy. Therapy can be an ideal place to process what you are learning about yourself and the challenges you face. The course comes with sets of questions to help you develop insight. Many of these questions may be an ideal support for the work you do in therapy.


Taking the course with friends or family – who may live nearby or far away – is a powerful way to learn. If you are accessing the course from different households, you will need to purchase access for each location.

Yes, we both engage in paid public speaking and negotiate these requests as we receive them. We are also open to considering offering a discounted talk for any organization that makes a bulk purchase of the course. We negotiate these opportunities at fair market rates so it’s best to contact each of us individually to discuss these requests. Here are 2 links for making speaking requests:


Doc Shauna Springer:

Jennifer Tracy:

Jennifer Tracy has some capability to offer 1:1 coaching sessions at her regular rate of pay for such arrangements. You are welcome to contact her at if you want to look into setting this up. 

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