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For Mental Health Battles

By definition, we are all resilient...

We created the Redefine Your Mission “Tactical Toolkit” because these kinds of battles require a new way of thinking and a range of tools.








Who Is This For?

So, often the strongest and bravest of us struggle in silence with depression, anxiety, grief, survivor’s guilt, hopelessness and much more.

If you are wired like any of the warriors above…

· You believe in the value of teamwork and rely on others…

· You dread burdening others with your personal struggles…

· You have real fear that seeking help could cost you your job…

· You may even feel like suffering without support is part of your calling…

Continuing to suffer in silence doesn’t work in the long run, and it doesn’t have to be this way! 

We’ve created the Redefine Your Mission “Tactical Toolkit” to increase your situational awareness, help you gain a new perspective and provide actionable strategies to make the unseen battle visible. Winning a mental health battle is possible. 

You are not Broken- Rebuild Yourself From The Inside Out.

Start Today-Get Somewhere New

  • A series of short videos for busy people who need critical information in segments.
  • Straight talk about practical ways to face fear & stigma based on insights from countless service members, veterans and first responders.
  • Application Guide– Over 35 topics discussed. All designed to bring awareness and equip you with new tools to win your mental health battle.
  • Worksheets and simple practices to help you gain new insights on mental warfare, guilt and shame, moral injury, grief, addiction and so much more.
  • We know life can be overwhelming and busy so we have put all of these resources inside an online portal- much like an online course except you can log in and work through what you need, when you need it.
  • You can access everything on your phone or computer anytime of the day. It’s there when you need it.
  • This online bundle includes insights and wisdom gained from decades of personal experience supporting those who have walked this valley and know what it takes to find life on the other side.
  • With your unique login credentials, you can access this bundle from the privacy of your own home to ensure a confidential, safe and secure learning experience.      
BONUS RESOURCE SECTION: Resources, videos and worksheets on a range of topics; communication, EMDR, medication, meditation, sleep, social media, grief and more.

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Unique Challenges

Made specifically for those who sacrifice so much.

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These lessons are powerful... But Don't Just take our word for it...

“Ask yourself: How do I make known why Mental Health is so important? Our minds are notorious & often treacherous battlefields! If you are in a fight for your own mental wellness or that of your beloved battle buddies (whether military, first responder, medical, humanitarian, etc.) then arm yourself with the best weapon to win. I, personally, witnessed & benefit from Doc Shauna Springer’s heart for warriors & life-saving work... We need warriors in our tribe to order, read, & sew deeply down into your heart the lessons of this book; they are written in blood.”
NC West
Dr. Springer has embedded her life into the military and veteran community. She understands how and when to ask bold questions and make necessary blunt statements in order to heal or guide veterans' issues. Her book is based on her tireless work and is not a repeat of what we already know.
Nathan Johnson
Contra Costa County Veterans Service Officer and Marine Corps veteran
Doc Springer has been there for us since day one. She has been a part of our “sacred circle.” She has heard and seen our souls cry.
Rumaldo Parra
Master Sergeant (Ret.), United States Marine Corps
Doc Springer is one of us... she understands a warriors worth beyond war. She realizes our value in society and can articulate that value to the rest of the world and to us. This shows us that we have purpose... I am very skeptical of Doctors and Psychologists due to past experiences with the VA but I knew after our first interaction that she was there because she truly cared and that helping us survive is her life's work. She is a key member of my tribe and I know she's always got our six!
David Bachmann
Combat Veteran, USMC (Ret)
Jennifer Tracy | National Speaker | Author | Life Coach & Advocate

"For anyone struggling with or prone to depression, this is a great resource! The lessons are short enough to feel manageable, even when you don't have the energy to do much. Jennifer combines practical tools and questions to help you dig deeper... She does a great job of balancing hope with the gritty reality of what she faced, and she helps you start to see your own story with some of that"

Andrea Bowen- US Armed Forces

These lessons are powerful... But Don't Just take our word for it...

Jennifer effortlessly drops her shield to become completely vulnerable creating a sense of safety which allows others to do the same. As a First Responder myself, I know that PTSD is real and that it comes with the role of being a first responder. The greater awareness that Jennifer creates is supportive to me and my ability to care for myself which allows me to be supportive to my fellow fighter fighters. Jennifer's program is presented in such an away that only a person who has actually survived this kind of tragic experience can connect with and relate to others who may be struggling."
Ian Schwartz
Lefthand Fire District
I only recently met Jennifer, and I can say she is a remarkable woman. After experiencing significant and prolonged trauma in her life, she has survived through it and now tells her story to help others who suffer thoughts of suicide. Her book holds nothing back as she reveals her own personal struggle with suicide. She gives words to the emotions that many who suffer struggle to understand. Through her candor, she helps you to work past the stigma associated with treatment and medication and reach a place of love for your own life. If you struggle with suicide, you'll see yourself in her story of understanding, compassion, and hope for a future for those who currently are in this dark place. Your life is too important!
David F
Proud American
"Jennifer’s teachings encompasses so to survive your childhood, depression, hope and creating a meaningful life."
Iris Davis
This book will save lives. It gives direction that is grounded in the realities of someone who has been to the edge of life—and come back so that she can guide others likewise lost in their suffering, and without tools to be otherwise. Jennifer Tracy honestly speaks about the horrors and very real tragedies she has faced—and survived, and it makes what she talks about here REAL. That Jennifer has gathered as much practical guidance, captured in the penetrating questions throughout the workbook sections, is a gift of life for anyone who is or knows someone who is thinking that suicide is the answer. I can't say enough about the value of the insights from someone who has been there. This book from Jennifer Tracy offers hope, the gift of knowing we are not alone even when we most feel so, and is the REAL DEAL. It contains wisdom and perspective that WILL save lives. Thank you, Jennifer!!! Your book is a priceless treasure and lifeline!
Tom K
Proud American
Shauna Springer, Ph.D. | Leading Expert on PTSD and Trauma | Best Selling Author

Doc Springer doesn’t emit pity... she understands the warrior spirit at an instinctive level. She communicates...we are strong enough to overcome the challenges before us and that we can do this by using skills we possess already, whether we realize it or not. She doesn’t see us as broken. She calls to our strength and she walks with us in a way that translates like this: I see the challenges before you, and I can help you get clear on them as well. Now, get up and fight.

Sgt. Eddie Wright, USMC (Ret), Bravo Co. 2nd Plt. 1st Reconnaissance Bn. OIF I, II​

Are You Ready To Finally...

Get clear on the battle you are facing?

Learn new ways to Rebuild Yourself From The Inside Out?

Take some of the same strategies you used before and apply them in new ways?

Doc Springer & Jennifer Tracy could easily charge hundreds for This Mental Health Bundle...

Today When You purchase both books- WARRIOR & From The Deepest Darkness To The Light of HOPE- You Gain Access to the "Tactical Toolkit" for $97.00 (A savings of over $230.00 dollars)

Redefine Your Mission "tactical Toolkit"

It is not possible to go through these resources and not be changed. Our guarantee is that if you start today and apply these insights you will learn new ways to grow in the midst of adversity.

Frequently Asked questions

Absolutely, we developed this to support busy people! For instance, this online bundle includes summaries of key concepts and a series of very short videos, typically less than 5 mins each. We recommend buying the books with the “Toolkit” because this will result in a substantial savings on the cost of the course. If you have the books, you can use them as a reference for anything that you want to dive into more deeply. But you are welcome to buy just the “Toolkit” if you prefer for the higher price, and you can buy the books later if you’d like.

There is NO time limit. Once you purchase access, you can take your time and complete the course section at your own pace. There are no assignments or grades – think of this like “auditing” a course – you get the strategies and solutions at your own pace – without the burden of required assignments or tests.

We’re open to considering this! A “bulk” order usually refers to an order of 100 or more access passes. If this applies to you, please get in touch through our contact form – located at the bottom of each page on our website.

Yes! We both strongly believe in the value of therapy. Therapy can be an ideal place to process what you are learning about yourself and the challenges you face. The course comes with sets of questions to help you develop insight. Many of these questions may be an ideal support for the work you do in therapy.


Taking the course section with friends or family – who may live nearby or far away – is a powerful way to learn. If you are accessing the course from different households, you will need to purchase access for each location.

Yes, we both engage in paid public speaking and negotiate these requests as we receive them. We are also open to considering offering a discounted talk for any organization that makes a bulk purchase of the course. We negotiate these opportunities at fair market rates so it’s best to contact each of us individually to discuss these requests. Here are 2 links for making speaking requests:

Doc Shauna Springer:

Jennifer Tracy:

Jennifer Tracy has some capability to offer 1:1 coaching sessions at her regular rate of pay for such arrangements. You are welcome to contact her at if you want to look into setting this up. 

Thank you! You Matter To Us!

“Their Combination Of Experience And Expertise In Their “Mental Health Bundle” Is POWERFUL And Will Be Life-Changing!”
Mike Ergo, LCSW,
Combat Marine/IronMan Triathlete


Our Why...

Our mission of service is grounded in deep respect for those who make sacrifices most people can’t imagine. We see you, you matter to us!

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